5 causes of road accidents in Kenya

Causes of road Accident In Kenya
A head on collision accident

Road accidents are unfortunate events for any road user. Understanding the causes of road accidents is key to accident prevention. Learning to correct human errors on the road reduces the chances of accidents.

In Kenya, most road users understand the basic rules while on the road. However, accidents still do occur. This article informs road users of various causes of road accidents in Kenya.

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Below is a list of causes of accidents in Kenya.


While it is a natural phyche for drivers to speed on the road, it is a leading case of fatal accidents. In every stretch of the roads in Kenya, there are permissible speed limits. Mostly this is ignored by drivers. However, the speed limits are meant to advert potential accidents. So, next time you hit the road observe speed limits and avoid accidents.

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A fire accident at Limuru, Kenya.

Speeding vehicles are likely to cause fatal accidents than slow moving vehicles. Fatality of speeding vehicle are caused by the high impact. Additionaly, the braking distance for a speeding vehicle is longer than slow ones.

Distracted drivers

The ability to avoid road accidents is determined by the level of drivers situational awareness. There are various reasons why a driver may be distracted. Among the causes of distration are:

Drunk driving

Alcohol impairs drivers situational awareness, judgement and reaction time. Drunk driving is a cause of accident in Kenya especially at night and during weekends and public holidays. So next time you go partying have a disignated driver or take a cab.

In some cases medical drugs may induce an effect similar to acohol. Your doctor will advice you on when to take the drugs and wether you can drive or not. Do not ignore.

Stress and fatigue

When stressed or fatigued it advisable you take a rest before driving. However, if it is mandatory for you to travel take a cab or have a driver. Stress can be caused by lossing a loved one, a bad day at work, or being in a dispute.

Music and phones

Adjusting a music system and talking on the phone while driving distract the drivers concentration the road. Avoid such habits.

Unattended pets

Untattended pets within and outside the car can cause distraction. Imagine that favourite pet jumping on driver while driving or a driver avoid to hit a pet. The two scenarios are distracting to drivers. Kindly, attend your pet or fasten it while in the car.

Banners, bill boards and scenaries

This may sound funny but it is not funny. In normal situation a the vehicle moves towards the direction that the driver is looking at.

Road Accident
A wreckage of vehicle involved in a road accident

So, if the driver looks right the vehicle moves right and so forth. Staring in one direction, objects, bill board and scenary may cause an accident. Now you know. Safely park the vehicle and enjoy the beautiful scenary along the road.

Failing to observe traffic rules

Simple traffic rules such as observing traffic lights may mean safety or accidents. Always observe traffic rules. Familarize yourself with the traffic rules.

Carelessness among road users

Careless habits among road users is among the causes of road accidents in Kenya. Changing of lane with no care among drivers amounts to carelessness.

Pedestrian too are careless when crossing the road. For instance, crossing the road at undesignated point, and using phones.

Boda boda operators are among the notorious road users who are careless. Their level of carelessness start from not observing highway code and impatience on the road.

Failure to use safety gears

Safety gears are designed to avoid and reduce fatality of an accident. Safety gears such as helmets and safety belt reduce accident impacts hence reducing fatality. Reflectors and life saver triagles are important in alerting other road users of your presence long before they reach at you. In this event they serve to avoid accidents.

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What are the consequences of road accidents

Having looked at the causes of road accidents in Kenya, of importance now are the consequences. Below are the consequences of accidents.

  • Property damage and loss
  • Disabilities
  • Loss of life
  • Cascading effects to victims families
  • Health bills burdens

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How to prevent road accidents

Law enforcement

Road safety education and awareness

Design safe roads and vehicles


There are various factors that contribute to causes of accidents in Kenya. However, with the right road education, road design and legal enforcement, the number of accidents can be reduced.